National Implementation Plan for Administrative Procedure Law

Ethiopia has been undergoing major political changes. Following the appointment of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in 2018, a significant number of reforms in different sectors have been undertaken. The Justice Sector is undergoing widespread reform the purpose of which is to restore public confidence in the justice system. To lend credibility and mobilize human resources for this reform process, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has put in place a Legal and Justice Affairs Advisory Council (LJAAC) enabling over 210 lawyers to volunteer their expertise and contribute to the reform process. It is in this context, that the Attorney General’s Office has requested the support of the GIZ Governance Fund in the legal and justice system reform process and has mandated the LJAAC to coordinate this support as part of the latter’s implementation-support program.

This document was prepared with the aim of providing better capabilities allow the government to be able to implement the new Administrative Procedure Proclamation in a coordinated and flexibly sequenced manner. The draft implementation plan is meant to provide a “big picture” of the components of the implementation of this law but also contains enough details of the different activities which can be implemented separately, in case the level of coordination assumed in the plan is not realized.

Following a scoping study to identify different stakeholders, a first workshop was held on March 2020 in Addis Ababa, focused on the implementation of the then draft Administrative Procedure Proclamation, which has been passed by the Ethiopian Parliament in April 2020. The workshop brought together key stakeholders to define a process for the implementation of the reforms in the administrative procedure law and outline key elements of a joint action plan for the implementation process.

Following this workshop, several working sessions were held between LJAAC staff, the Working Group that drafted the new law, and Dr. Birgit Grundmann and other experts and staff from the GIZ Governance Fund program. The present draft implementation plan is the result of the conclusions of the March 3rd workshop as well as the working sessions. This document intends to convey what implementing the Administrative Procedure Law should look like and identify necessary steps to be taken. In addition to this, calls for the formation of a leading task force that may take ownership of this process and the collaboration of all relevant stakeholders in the implementation of this law.


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