COVID Guideline



This document has been prepared by the Secretariat of Legal and Justice Affairs Advisory Council, with input from the Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, and also take into account experiences of International Organizations.

This COVID-19 guideline includes the measures to be taken at the Legal and Justice Affairs Advisory Council to work effectively during this pandemic. It provides key information for meeting organizers (secretariat employees and working groups’ leaders), members of Advisory Council, Consultants and Volunteers, how they should work and organize meetings/public consultations in the current situation.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to follow all these rules diligently, to sustain a healthy and safe workplace or meeting room in this challenging environment.  Everyone is also expected to respond responsibly to these health precautions.


This document aims to prevent COVID-19 in our workplace and enable us to work effectively during the pandemic.


This COVID-19 guideline applies to Secretariat employees, working groups members, Consultants, Volunteers, Advisory Council members and anyone who engaged in works related with the secretariat.


General hygiene rules:

            ● Regularly wash your hands (follow the 20-second hand-washing rule) in particular after using the toilet, and before eating.

      ● Wear face masks regularly.
Cough/sneeze into your sleeve, preferably into your elbow. If you use a tissue, discard it properly and clean/sanitize your hands immediately

     ●  If you find yourself coughing/sneezing regularly, avoid close physical contact with your co-workers and take extra precautionary measures.
Open the windows regularly to ensure open ventilation.

      ●  Avoid touching your face, particularly eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands to prevent from getting infected.
After use, face masks should be removed using appropriate techniques (i.e. do no touch the front, remove by pulling the elastic ear straps or laces from behind)

      ● Dispose used face masks in an infectious waste bin with a lid, followed by hand hygiene.

Before conducting the Meeting, the secretariat (meeting organizers) should:

Seek the most current guidance from the Federal Ministry of Health,
Take full contact details of participants (Name, phone number, home address and work place).
Hold meetings outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms whenever possible.
Facilitate cleaning, check the availability of hand sanitizer, and face masks.
Make sure that everyone wears his/her face mask before entering to meeting hall.
Make sure that distance of at least one meter from other people must be maintained at meetings and assigned and
marked seats shall be arranged for this purpose.
Inform participants in advance not to attend the meeting if they feel unwell.

During the meeting members of the secretariat should:

     ● Provide an introductory brief on how their stay will be in the meeting and what needs to be done to protect the
team from COVID-19.
Remind participants to keep their social distancing, frequently sanitize their hand, to wear their face masks
Remind participants to avoid sharing things during the meetings like pens, documents, and other objects.
Remind participants to use safe outside areas for breaks.
Remind participants to avoid meeting in groups between sessions (e.g. coffee breaks, close contact risk scenario).

After the meeting the members of the secretariat and participants should:

Retain the names and contact details of all participants for a least one month. This will help public health authorities trace people who may have been exposed to COVID-19. If one or more participants become ill shortly after the event.
Inform the meeting organizer immediately if you are confirmed by health authorities to have COVID-19 or if you are placed in quarantine within 14 days of the meeting.
If someone at the meeting or event was isolated as a suspected COVID-19 case, the organizer should let all participants know this. They should also be advised to monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days.

       Work from home for secretariats, Consultants and Volunteers:

We support homeworking at this time with the COVID-19 situation to enable staff to work from home in accordance with the Government’s guidelines and to comply with health and safety obligations.

      ●  Have flexible start and finish times, if it not possible to work from home.
When a child or elderly relative or dependent becomes unwell you can work from home. You will only be permitted to return to the office 14 calendar days after your family member has fully recovered, provided that you are asymptomatic or you have a doctor’s note confirming that you don’t have the virus. You will also be asked not to come into physical contact with any colleagues during this time.

      ● If you are feeling ill, but you are able to work, you can work from home.
If you have been in close contact with someone infected by COVID-19, with high chances of being infected yourself, request work from home. You will also be asked not to come into physical contact with any colleagues during this time.

NOTE: If you are at home, please follow up with your teams, attend meetings with teleconference, and keep updating yourself on the office activity.



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