Our Partners

Our partners are not mere well-wishers but fellow voyagers who are an intrinsic part of the work that we do. They are a positive force in pushing our work forward and enabling us to maximize our performance to the full extent possible. The Council is in the better position of attaining its aims precisely because of the unwavering support of its partners which we are very thankful for. It gives us a great pleasure to acknowledge all our partners who stood by our side in this period of transition to democracy.

We have a long-term and short term allies who share our vision and who assist our work. To signify the important areas of work that our partners have been involved in are;

Professional Support
Institutions provided their own professionals to be involved in the works of the Advisory Council, Working Groups and the Secretariat;
Mobilizing international and domestic experts;
Provide training of staff members of government agencies and sector administrators and drafting of directives and training manuals of implementation;
Support from subject area and foreign comparative experts and translators;
Expert reviews of draft legislations;
International and comparative experts to support the diagnostic study and drafts;
Provide Funding
To organize workshops and public consultations;
To conduct a study tour;
To conduct diagnostic researches, drafting and translation of drafts;
Able to hire domestic and foreign consultants;
Administrative Support
Provide technical and expertise support;
Assist in project management;
Coordination and management support;
Provide meeting halls without charge;
Provide administrative support including volunteers.