Dr. Zewdineh Beyene Haile is trained in both the civil law and common law systems; has taught courses in international business transactions, international dispute settlement, construction, and trade as well as company law and investment law. He is the author of various studies on topics ranging from law reform to institutional policy and he is currently writing a book addressing the courts and justice system in Ethiopia. Dr. Zewdineh was a government lawyer within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, where he headed departments including the United Nations Specialized Agencies, International Organizations, the Neighboring Countries, and Nile Basin States Departments. Dr. Zewdineh transitioned to private practice nearly two decades ago and has since become one of the preeminent High Court, Supreme Court, and Court of Cassation litigators. Dr. Zewdineh has litigated numerous high-stakes cases and has represented state agencies and state-owned enterprises in many negotiations and international arbitration proceedings in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Dr. Zewdineh has served as lead counsel representing African governments in a number of international arbitration cases in such areas as transportation, construction, oil and gas, mining, maritime, trade, and investment. He served as lead counsel in a case in Swiss court where Ethiopia defeated a US $1.4 billion arbitration claim brought by a Hong-Kong based oil and gas company. He has also prevailed in water construction and railway construction disputes, whose arbitral proceedings took place in The Hague, Netherlands. Dr. Zewdineh is the co-founder and principal of Addis Law Group LLP (ALG) in Washington, D.C., the principal of Dr. Zewdineh Beyene Haile Law Office (ZEELAW) in Addis Ababa, and the co-founder of Emahizee Global Consulting. His Washington, DC based law firm has been selected to defend Ethiopia against a new international investment claim brought by a foreign enterprise, with the proceedings being administered by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. Dr. Zewdineh serves on several boards including a university, some non-profit organizations, and corporations. Dr. Zewdineh is a member of the Pan African Lawyers Union, East African Lawyers Union, Ethiopian Lawyers Association, and the American Society of International Law. He was also a member of the Global Council on the Rule of Law of the World Economic Forum.