Dr. Abera Degefa Nagawo is an associate professor of law at Addis Ababa University, School of Law, where he teaches jurisprudence, introduction to law, constitutional law, administrative law, law of contracts, contracts of sale, business law, legal skills, legal drafting, and media law. He previously served as Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Law and as a coordinator for the evening law program for five years. He served as a researcher and co-researcher in areas including good governance, HIV/AIDS (sponsored by the UN, ECA, and Care Ethiopia), and on issues of indigenous justice system, legal pluralism, restorative justice, and linguistic rights. Dr. Abera has previously worked as a board member of Zemen Bank, Union of Addis Ababa Saving and Credit Association, as well as on the board of examination for advocates in the Ministry of Justice for more than nine years. He has published over fourteen legal articles in different law review journals and participated in more than eighteen workshops and seminars in Ethiopia and abroad. Dr. Abera has translated numerous international human rights documents into Amharic and Afan Oromo language, edited several Afaan Oromo international human rights instruments, and reviewed journals such as Journal of Ethiopian Law, Mizan Law Review, Journal of Ethiopian Legal Education, and Oromia Law Journal.