Ms. Meaza Ashanafi is a leading advocate for justice, human rights, women's rights, and gender equality and currently serves as the first female President of the Federal Supreme Court. A lawyer by profession, Ms. Meaza is dedicated to the advancement of social justice and equality for women in Ethiopia. Through her work as a lawyer, Ms. Meaza has represented thousands of female clients in court. Ms. Meazai served as a high court judge in Ethiopia until she became a legal advisor to the Ethiopian Constitution Commission of the Interim Government, which drafted the country’s constitution. In that position, she was able to effectively advocate for the needs of women and children, which were ultimately incorporated into the Constitution. She participated in establishing the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) and became its Executive Director. The EWLA helps women with legal aid and provides education for women. Ms. Meaza’s work was featured in the award-winning drama, "DIFRET," based on the true story of a young Ethiopian girl, Hirut, who was abducted by her would be husband, a man she accidentally murders. Ms. Maeza stepped in and exonerated Hirut, helping to rewrite Ethiopian law with the verdict as part of her work with the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association. As a member of EWLA, she proposed the amendment of laws corresponding with the UN Human Rights Convention to the House of Peoples Representatives and Regional Councils and was very instrumental in working on reforms, amendments and additions on existing laws affecting women’s rights. She primarily helped with the 1960 Family Law, where she led a campaign for its revision, which was eventually amended. She has led the three-year formation effort of the first women's bank in Ethiopia, Enat Bank, the only one focusing on providing financing to enterprises led by women. In her successful career, Ms. Meaza has been the recipient of numerous awards for her outstanding work. She is the winner of the 2003 Africa Prize for Leadership; The Hunger Project; and The International Women of Courage for Ethiopia Award. In March 2008, Ms. Meaza was identified as one of the five prominent women’s rights activists worldwide and was also one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. Currently, she serves as Women's Rights Advisor to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.