Before devoting fulltime to teaching and research, Getahun served as Head of the Justice Bureau of Tigray. Later he worked for Mekelle University Law Faculty (Lecturer and Dean) and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission as Executive Director. Currently he is Assistant Professor at Addis Ababa University College of Law and Governance Studies. He studied law, human rights and conflict resolution in Ethiopia and the United Kingdom. His teaching, research and consultancy experience focuses on human rights, security, and international law. He taught numerous courses such as politics of human rights and democratization, human rights and security, international criminal law and peace, conflict and gender. Getahun was visiting scholar in various universities (Graz, Austria; Ghent, Belgium; George Mason, USA; Orebro, Sweden and University of Pisa, Italy). He has authored academic articles on constitutional law; land rights; international criminal justice; national human rights system and traditional dispute resolution mechanisms. Further to that, he contributed as author, editor and article assessor in academic journals (Journal of Ethiopian Law, Mizan Law Review, Addis Ababa University Journal of Human Rights, and Afrika Focus). In addition Getahun has helped in the implementation of justice reform initiatives and extensively participated in programs that aim to contribute to the improvement of the state of human rights and administration of justice in Ethiopia. He was also part of the National Legal Education Reform team that contributed in the reform of legal education in Ethiopia and currently is serving as member of the Legal and Justice Affairs Advisory Council.