Ato. Tadele is a legal consultant with an extensive judicial experience. He currently works as the Director of Legal Services Process, at Cooperative Bank if Oromia S.C. He previously has also served as the Executive of Cooperate Legal services at East African Group Companies and Manager of Legal Affairs and Human Resource Development Department of AKGC-Grade 1 Construction Company, on different occasions. In his academic career Ato. Tadele has served as lecturer of different law courses at Addis Ababa University, school of law on part-time basis. Ato. Tadele also has an extensive judicial experiences serving as; the President of Oromiya Supreme court (2006 – 2012), President of Adama Special Zone High Court (2002 – 2006), High Court Judge in East Showa Zone (2000 – 2001) and Federal First Instance Court Judge (1998 – 1999).