Mr. Liku Worku is a consultant and attorney skilled in Ethiopian law, legal writing, contract law, and corporate law. He is the founder of, a website which provides free-access to Ethiopian legal information. Abyssinia Law is administered and maintained by Mr. Liku and plays a big role in fostering access and awareness to all people about the Ethiopian legal system. Because of this, Abyssinia law is the winner of the Free Access to Law Award. Before joining the advocacy world, Mr. Liku served as a legal advisor to the Federal Government on matters of law. He drafted laws, provided legal education and training on matters related to human rights, and undertook legal reform studies on the codification and consolidation of laws. He also served as a public prosecutor at Ministry of Justice and part-time lecturer at Addis Ababa University. Mr. Liku specializes in matters related to contract and investment law and has previously chaired various national research projects including a business license and registration team, a commercial code amendment team, a criminal law policy review team, and an anti-competition review team.